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The facination and beauty of Tuck Stitch

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🇬🇧 During my journey in exploring all kind of machine knit techniques, I came across tuck stitch, again. I already read a bit about it and also started some hand knitting using tuck stitch. But the real facination only hit me now when I worked some blockes for my Building Block Blanket (check here).

When I stumbled over this simple and free pattern for a machine knit tuck shawl, I not only had to try it out but also “translate” the punch card to instructions for hand knitting. The results are a beautiful scarf, a chart how to work the tuck stitch by hand, and a first swatch done by hand.

The scarf was done with a lace weight yarn of 800m/100g. I used the punch card number 2 of the Brother J-series punch card set, and main tension of 7 on my Brother KH-881 knitting machine. I did the following:

e-wrap cast on

 12 R stocking stitch
900 R tuck stitch, punch card Brother J2
 12 R stocking stitch

loose bind-off behind the studs

After I finished the scarf, I really wanted to try out to knit the tuck by hand, too. I charted the pattern and knitted a swatch of about 60 sts and some rows. Man, that swatch took forever! Nevertheless, I was rather pleased with my result. I knitted the swatch with a 3 mm knitting needle. As you can see on the picture above, it is looser then the machine knit (and not as tidy). If I try it again, I will use a smaller needle; maybe 2,75 mm oder 2,5 mm.


  • It is possible to knit a tuck stitch shawl by hand.
  • It is a nice, brainless knitting for long, dark winter nights in front of the tv.
  • The tuck stitch pattern gives the scarf quite some volume. The lace weight yarn is creating a suprising warm scarf!

🇩🇪 Folgt bald.

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