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Modular Pattern: The Earth and Sea Shawl!

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Welcome to Heathland Knits!

It all started with a stitch and became a passion in life: Heathland Knits.
Heathland Knits is located in the Netherlands in the middle of the beautiful heath landscape of North Brabant, which inspired the name.

I’ve been knitting for what feels like my whole life. The longer I was knitting the more I got interested in the fiber I was using. I realized that a lot of the common industrial produced yarn is at least partially made from plastic. In addition, the source of the fiber and therefore the welfare of the animals were unknown. The decision to dye my own yarn gives me the freedom to select the source of my yarn bases such that animal welfare is kept and the fiber is containing no plastic.

(My mission)

In July 2021, I decided to not only dye for myself but to also offer my own hand-dyed yarn and knitting accessories on the local market and via Etsy. This page will share some additional information about the yarn, pattern, and news. To keep up to date, consider following me on instagram where I am currently posting more often.

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