It all started with a stitch and became a passion in life: Heathland Knits. Heathland Knits is located in the Netherlands in the middle of the beautiful heath landscape of North Brabant, which inspired the name.

I’ve been knitting for what feels like my whole life. Knitting is calming me down – and as a former computer scientist, knitting is to me like an algorithm that I can touch. The longer I was knitting the more I got interested in the fiber I was using. I realized that a lot of the common industrial produced yarn is at least partially made from plastic. In addition, the source of the fiber and therefore the welfare of the animals were unknown. The decision to dye and sell my own yarn gives me the freedom to select the source of my yarn bases such that animal welfare is kept and the fiber is containing no plastic.

My knitting passion started several years ago and I was not aware at that moment how much knitting will influence my life in the future. I am and always have been artistic. Therefore, it was only a matter of time till I started experimenting with dyeing, spinning, weaving, and designing my own pattern. Knitting is not only knitting. It is math, it is logic, it is harmony. It is fascinating how an increase here and a decrease at another position together forms figures and pattern.

I especially like to create something with value in our throw-away society; value that is generated by the choice of the raw materials and the time invested in the craft of knitting.

In July 2021, I decided to sell my own hand-dyed yarn and fiber, original pattern, and knitting accessories. In 2023, I added knitted accessories for the first time. This page will share some additional information about the yarn, pattern, and news. To keep up to date, consider following me on instagram where I am currently posting more often.

Heathland Knits is investing a lot of time and love in creating free instructions and the videos. If you like what you see we would be delighted to receive a donation to the “virtual coffee fund”.

So, if you have passion about creativity and knitting too, this blog is for you. As most artists I am a bit chaotic in my posting intervals. If you don’t want to miss a thing, you can sign up for free updates here.

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