Hi, I am Mel.
I am here to share my passion for knitting, colors, and art.

I do really like to knit – it is calming me down – and as a former computer scientist, knitting is to me like an algorithm that I can touch. I am and always have been artistic. Therefore, it was only a matter of time till I started experimenting with dyeing, spinning, weaving, and designing my own pattern.

My knitting passion started several years ago and I was not aware at that moment how much knitting will influence my life in the future. I tried small projects like socks, mitten, and cup cozies. I knitted my first shawl followed by a cardigan, and I was smitten. I knitted more and more. I had the big woa-moment when I figured out that knitting is easy to take! Just put the yarn in a project bag and drag it along!

Lately, I dared to design my own pattern and started spinning my own yarn. It is not only knitting. It is math, it is logic, it is harmony. It is fascinating how an increase here and a decrease at another position together forms figures and pattern.

I especially like to create something with value in our throw-away society; value that is generated by the choice of the raw materials and the time invested in knitting.

I am a self-educated knitter. I learned a lot by browsing the world wide web. This page, my stories, and my designs are my way to hopefully inspire the next generation of knitters.

So, if you have passion about creativity and knitting too, this blog is for you. As most artists I am a bit chaotic in my posting intervals. If you don’t want to miss a thing, you can sign up for free updates here.