Explaining non-knitting techniques in fiber related topics.

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    How to use a braid star

    🇬🇧 I do not know where and when the origin of the braid star is located. It reminds me very much of a simple variant of the Japanese Kumihimo. The Japanese word Kumihimo stands for braided cord, and that is exactly what can be made with the braid star. To start braiding a cord, you need 7 threads, which are…

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    How to use a Lucet (knitting) fork

    Klick for English | Deutsch | Nederlands 🇬🇧 A lucet fork is a tool that was used for making cords. It probably dates back to the time of the Vikings and the Middle Ages. During that time, cords were used on clothing or to hang items from a belt. Today, the lucet fork is still a nice tool to make…